Undefined - Episode 1 - Stuck

Okay, so this recording is raw. No intro, no outro, no logo...yet. Like each of us it's Undefined. But it will evolve over time. On this episode I mumble my way through an intro and discuss some ways I have been stuck trying to figure out exactly what to do lately. I also discuss a quick technique to use when you feel stuck, un-inspired or you can't find your way. Enjoy!

Acting in a Book Trailer - The Misadventures of Sulliver Pong

Something I don't talk much about is acting. It's something I've done for a long time but it's one of those things that can be hard to show. I don't always get shareable results from projects but I'm always working on it in variety of aspects. I love having fun and creating from video blogs, comedy/dramatic acting, hosting, podcasts...any chance I get to be creative I do my best to push my self, jump on it and participate.

I've started to wonder what's the point if I never share anything? Of course it brings me joy but I would also like to start to use it for something beyond that. My new intention is to start to share my work more often as well as the work of so many other talented people I come across. Don't be surprised if you see more from me, from home made iPhone travel videos/blogs (yep, I've got a bunch of these stored away) to other cool projects. I'd like to have a place where I can post everything and for now, this is it. 

So here is my latest work, a book trailer created by the fabulous filmmaker Larry Cheuk from LCDigital Production for his brother, Leland Cheuk's novel The Misadventures of Sulliver Pong. Enjoy!


A New Perspective

Today I would love to share more but I'm getting ready for a film shoot. As much as I understand and agree with the quote below I can't say that I always follow the advice . Sometimes I am so set in my ways that I can not even see that there is another way of doing something until long after I've already completed it. May this quote inspire you to push through your perceived limitations and apply creativity to all that you do today. Cheers!

Color Inside the Lines Quote

Every Moment is Precious

I have a little bit of an obsession with going into my garden and looking at all of the small and miraculous changes that are taking place. Today I found this Dahlia just getting ready to bloom, tomorrow it will be a full flower. So beautiful isn't it to see something the moment before it blooms? Pay attention to each moment in your life. Each moment is precious and has beauty and lessons that can be found in it.

I'm a Proud Owner of Blooming Orchid

This is the first time I have owned an orchid that successfully re-bloomed. I waited patiently for one year and took care of the plant with no blooms and suddenly voila! I'm extremely proud, I don't attribute the plants success entirely to me, I know there is a source much larger then me at work here but it feels good to know I played a part in helping this little plant along.

That's it, that's all I've got right now. Just wanted to share my excitement with you all today. What are you excited about today?