Comfort - Cheddar & Ale Biscuits


I have become overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with trying to always maintain and be my best. What if what I am is all I got right now. Can I be okay with that? I want to be. I am tired of constantly striving to be more and ending each day wishing I could have been better, could have done more to live up to my potential.

It’s exhausting and it’s everywhere. Don’t eat this, don’t do that, do this, don’t do that, be your best. I am tired. Tired of the hustle to always be more. There is no joy in the small victories and I am tired of it. I refuse to live this way because it’s unhealthy and I don’t want to die living each day wishing I could be more. So today I seek some comfort with what is as it is and I’m going to eat some biscuits while I do it. Yes, they are filled with carbs, Yes, they have white flour, butter and dairy in them. Yes, it’s okay to enjoy.


I love biscuits. Always have, since I can remember. It might be the meal I had when I was two at the theme park Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California with fried chicken and biscuits, or maybe I was just born with the love in my soul, not sure. Anyhow, I always order biscuits and I am almost always disappointed. In California we tend to get dry hard biscuits that lack that flaky moist interior texture that makes a biscuit so delicious. As a result, I’m always saying I will make them from scratch. I’ve had buttermilk on my shopping list for six years in anticipation of making some biscuits on a whim. The last time I made a biscuit attempt was 15 years ago with Bisquick, and they came out like hard disks, better for tossing than eating. My biscuit fail caused some discouragement and it has become easier to just dream of the perfect magical biscuit then experience eating it and/or actually taking the time to make them. So today was the day.

 I really enjoyed making these biscuits partially because they were so easy. You do not need to take the time to roll out the dough, they are simple drop biscuits. I have good intentions and often grandiose plans when it comes to pulling off a recipe but I’ll admit, I get a little lazy and not kneading and rolling out dough will always be my last choice. And these fit the bill perfectly. I subbed the dark ale for a light beer I had in the refrigertor and still found them delectable, so use what you would like and enjoy. Also, I ate them with warm melted butter and real honey, which I think makes them even better.

Click here for a link to the recipe I adpated from The Food Network’s Farmhouse Rules show with Nancy Fuller.