Vision Board Workshop
Dates TBA

Would you like to discover your calling, dissolve negative beliefs and clear old blockages? It's time to enrich your life and map a dynamic future!

Creating a vision board can help you to release old programming and dissolve negative beliefs, so you can expand your magnificence! Come join us in a fun, positive and encouraging environment as you create your vision board! Your soul’s voice can be heard through the images, feeling and insights that surface from creating a vision board. Hidden messages about who you are and who you are becoming can be uncovered in the process. It also can dramatically increase your ability to manifest your dreams. Gain clarity and understanding about your life through the sacred art of collaging! Everyone will create and complete a vision board and then we will discuss the meaning behind your vision board and the next steps to making your visions a reality! Supplies provided but you are welcome to bring magazines or images that inspire you.

Clutter Clearing & Stress Reduction Workshop
Dates TBA

Is your life filled with clutter and stress? Now is the time to clear away your clutter!

The amount of clutter in your personal space is often a direct reflection of your inner state; if your home and office are in disarray, it can be a sign that your inner life is imbalanced. Often this imbalance comes from stress, lack of clarity and direction in life. This workshop will teach you techniques on how to  reduce your inner clutter, gain clarity and reduce stress through a variety of techniques. We will discuss the health benefits of living clutter free, learn several stress reducing techniques and how to start the process of clearing out and organizing your external clutter. Come with a positive attitude and we will have fun learning techniques to clear blockages sand open up new paths in our lives together!

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